“Yesterday we pioneered for today; today, we are pioneering for tomorrow.”Thomas J. Watson, Sr. (IBM)

I love that idea, pioneering for tomorrow — innovating, experimenting, trying new things.  In order to do that we have to look at the world through different lenses, different perspectives — walk in other people’s shoes, see things how they do.  Particularly our clients or members or audiences!  We have to see the big picture — what’s going on in our community, what can we do that will have a positive impact on that community whether it’s an business enterprise, academic campus or public library/institution.  We also have to be bold enough and have enough courage to try different things, some of which will work, and some will not.  We have to learn from our experiences (and mistakes) — do an after-action review — ask ourselves what worked, what didn’t, and what can we learn from this?  How can we do it better next time.  We also need to learn from other peoples experiences, listen to their stories, their successes and failures.

I have been involved in putting together a number of programs for the fall to do just that, let you hear other peoples’ stories, successes as well as their techniques and tips.

Internet Librarian, Oct 16-18 in Monterey CA — Theme: Community Partners: Beyond Outreach

Great keynotes: Nina Simon, Peter Morville, Susan Bailey Shram & a fabulous closing panel discussing Libraries’ Biggest Challenges & Solutions for the Future!  Wonderful roster of speakers. Lots of in-depth workshops led by experienced facilitators.  Many receptions & opportunities for networking & meeting new colleagues.  Focus on key topics: Search & Discovery, UX, Customer Engagement, Models for Library Success featuring different models from Japan, Copenhagen & more communities, Internet@Schools (2 days of programs), Content Management, Tech Tools, and more.

We also have some very successful practitioners and thought leaders who share new approaches to help us pioneer for tomorrow:

Peter Morville, Semantic Studios, consults on user exepreience and design with some of the biggest organizations in our information world & you can get tips on strategic design in his workshop.  Public library CEO, Scott Hargrove hosts an interactive workshop on business thinking and strategies for pioneering for tomorrow.  Leanrning expert and Lego master, M.J. D’Elia shares secrets on facilitation and techniues for better team communication to improve decision making, problem solving and learning. Check them out along with other great speakers in our Internet Librarian line up.

So if you need some new ideas and strategies to pioneer your library into tomorrow, please register & join us in Monterey for lots of thought provoking discussions, networking with industry leaders, and learning from colleagues.  Don’t wait, the early bird deadline is a week away!