As we get ready for the Library Shark Tank Weekend @ California’s fabulous Asilomar, we’re helping those who will be pitching their ideas prepare. If you’ve ever been to a Start-Up weekend of watched the “shark tank” or “dragon’s den” you’ll know that these pitches are short and to the point. The same is true with any idea you are presenting — to managers, to employees, even to friends you want to have dinner with! In today’s world we have 60 seconds to get our point across. Structure your 60 seconds like this:
15 seconds — You & Your Team. Build your credibility. Why should the listener listen to YOU?
15 seconds — The Problem You are Solving. Paint the picture of the pain for people that you & your team are solving.
15 seconds — Your Unique Solution. Paint the picture of how the pain-reliever you’re bringing changes things for those people? In simple words.
15 seconds — The Opportunity. How big is the market of people with this pain? Hook your audience get involved and invest their time – or money.

Great advice from Founder.Org which, by the way, has the vision to fund companies that are “changing the world”. Since libraries have a vision to “change lives” don’t you think we could learn from a company “changing the world”? Yeah – we can learn from them.