This is post #2 in a short series to ready us (channel training….) for the #Summitclimb.

Future-proofing considerations.

Post #1 gave an article that poses some difficult questions leaders must address as they #futureproof their libraries in the digital environment.  What Jane wants from this Library Leaders Summit, and I fully agree with, is that the Summit focus more on coaching than on presentations: coaches tell it like it is – and set the bar realistically and high.   Sometimes people don’t like what the coach has to say.  But a good coach is readying individuals for future moments – future endeavours.

Three respected leaders in the library sector will help kick-start the dialogue regarding future-proofing our organizations: Mary Ann Mavrinac, Gina Millsap, and Mary Lee Kennedy. In the January/February Computers in Libraries we asked them to comment on strategies entrepreneurs use to future-proof their organizations. Read their insights.

Then take these questions to your leadership team, or reflect on them yourself.

Entrepreneur November 2015 proposed 5 ways to future-proof an organization:

  1. “Think partnerships, not transactions”; use partnerships to scale initiatives more quickly.
  2. “Change how you’re structured”; go flatter with smaller teams.
  3. “Think bigger”; impact more people with solutions to bigger problems.
  4. “Offer experience, not product”; distinguish your organization by delighting people.
  5. “Help Millennials develop”; formally mentor the next generation.

 In post #3: what’s the rock libraries deal with – or must deal with?