Just saw this 2010 vid again from Internet Librarian keynote speaker alumni, Howard Rheingold.  I knew him before the early days of the Internet, when he was focused on communities, and always love to listen to his ideas and thoughts.  I love this piece on critical thinking around the Net/or as he calls it, crap detection.

He believed in 2010, and I think still relevant today, that we need to go beyond skills to literacies:

  • attention
  • participation
  • collaboration
  • critical consumption (crap detection)
  • network analysis

Skills, literacies and search engines help to search credibilities, but I think we as librarians, need to push our knowledge of credibility, crap detection, and trust by the public.  I look forward to lots of discussions around this topic at Internet Librarian 2016, Oct 17-19 in Monterey CA especially at our Tues evening program celebrating Internet Librarian’s 20th anniversary and “Looking Forward Retrospectively”.  And watch the conference website for a link to post your favorite Internet Librarian memory, picture, link, etc.