Being agile is critical. Agile can mean applying an incremental and iterative approach, or evolving through collaboration between self-organizing and cross-functional teams to promote early delivery, continuous improvement, and encourage rapid and flexible response to change.

Successful organizations are flexible and fast. They can quickly transfer and share knowledge, deal with an enormous amount of data, innovate, engage, and impact communities, and customers in positive ways. The platforms, processes and programs have to respond in a timely fashion to make this happen and to keep customers satisfied. The culture of the organization, the people, enables the transformations and innovations – and well-oiled collaborative organizations excel at leading the charge! KMWorld 2015 explores how to apply these techniques and more for knowledge sharing and innovation in your enterprise to be successful in today’s world.  And it has three closely integrated programs—Enterprise Search & Discovery, SharePoint Symposium, and Taxonomy Boot Camp.


Keynote speakers are always engaging and thought provoking and this year is no different.  On Monday November 2 Taxonomy Boot Camp opens with information architect Peter Morville, President of Semantic Studios who has several books to his credit ( On Tuesday, KMWorld 2015 opens with popular , knowledge management (KM) thought leader, Dave Snowden, Chief Scientific Officer of Cognitive Edge who discusses “complexity informed agility” in KM with Will Evans, Design Thinker-in-Residence, NYU’s Stern’s Berkley Center for Innovation & Entrrepreneurship and Chief Design Officer, Praxis Flow and his colleague, Jabe Bloom, Chief Scientific Officer, Praxis Flow. On Wednesday, Steve Abrams, Director of Watson Life for IBM talks about sparking innovation with human and machine learning and knowledge sharing with great examples like Chef Watson. Thursday we have two keynotes.  In the morning Carla O’Dell CEO of APQC and author of The New Edge in Knowledge shares research and tips for accelerated learning.  In the afternoon, Gary Klein, Senior Scientist, MacroCognition and author, Seeing What Others Don’t discusses insights, ideas and innovation.  KMWorld also features keynote talks from Dave Clarke, CEO, Synaptica; Kamran Khan, CEO, Search Technologies; Heather Richards, CEO, Transversal and Tony Byrne, President, Real Story Group.

Networking is everywhere at KMWorld 2015.  In addition to time during breakfast, coffee and lunch breaks; Showcase receptions; and Communities of Interest, this year we are featuring a two hour Knowledge Café on Thursday morning.  The audience will have a chance to have a conversation and discussion, to share challenges and experiences, with their colleagues and a speaker or industry leader on three different topics .

In-depth workshops on a variety of topics are featured on Monday November 2nd: KM 101, Creating a KM Strategy, Applying Agile in Developing KM Strategies & Implementing Frameworks, Creating Search Solutions with SharePoint 2016, Visualization & Analytics, Team Problem Solving, Exploring the World’s Best Intranets, Cognitive Computing, Delivering Successful Social Projects, Communities of Practice, and more.

Learning opportunities from experienced practitioners, KM thought leaders, and innovators is huge at KMWorld with more than 80 sessions on a range of topics around KM Strategies & Practices, Innovation, Taxonomy Fundamentals, Digital Workspace, Knowledge Sharing, Optimizing Search, SharePoint in the New Digital Workplace, Social KM, Building Smarter Organizations, Building & Enabling KM Culture, Moving Enterprise Search to the Cloud and more!

Speakers come from such illustrious organizations as: Merck, Irish Defence Forces, Step Two Designs, IBM, Port of Antwerp Authority, Cisco, Microsoft, Unisys, Accenture, Deloitte, World Bank Group, Lafarge, Blue Cross, U.S. Department of Transportation, eBay, APQC, Forrester Research, PwC, Statistics Canada, Thomson Reuters, National Geographic, Raytion GmbH, Verizon Wireless, Comcast Cable, Hewlett-Packard, and lots more.

KMWorld Bookstore to browse and purchase current books, and have speaker sign your copy of their book!

Enterprise Solutions Showcase provides one-stop shopping for buyers to meet with vendors offering a range of solutions for enterprises including: Search Technologies, Synaptica, Hewlett-Packard, Transversal, Brainspace, Content Analysis Company, Enterprise Knowledge, Customer 1 Focus, Kaleo, Expert Systems, Parascript, PoolParty, Raytion, Smartlogic, TallyFox, Sinequa, Temis, USAid Learning Labs.

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