Well, here’s the official press release: I am stepping aside from consulting to join Brampton Library as Director, Service Delivery. Wow. I am honoured, excited, scared and sad. How’s that for a combination of emotions? For those that know me – it fits. I am a combination of emotions. I’m honoured to have consulted with Jane for the past several years. We have talked very openly about the incredible highs & lows of a small firm partnership: first and foremost, it is a relationship and, like all relationships needs to be worked on. I could not have asked for a better business partner. Jane Dysart is a phenomenal mentor, encourager, networker, visionary and an idea and people connector. Thanks Jane.

And I’m honoured to be going to work with Brampton Library.  Rebecca Raven has a strong vision (see? I need these people around me with vision), and she too is an idea connector, and the organization is full of bright, wonderful people doing great things in Canada’s fastest growing and youngest community. Wow.

I’m also honoured with the caliber of clients and colleagues I’ve worked with. I can’t mention any of the clients because the list is too long, but, wow. Big university libraries, tiny rural public libraries and leathered global professional services firms. Sometimes my heart would be pounding so hard with fear walking into those imposing, respected institutions that, if I stopped moving, I might be paralyzed. But I always heard Jane’s voice in my head “what’s the worst thing that can happen?” and pushing me forward.  I got to surround myself with the best colleagues –  Jim Morgenstern, Juanita Richardson, Val Ridgway, Stephen Abram, Bonnie Burwell, Eunice Hogeveen and many others as we carved out and pulled together thought-provoking projects. Those people are smart, and they know their stuff. So, no matter what, I learned – I learned about project management, process, and people. And scotch. I learned about scotch too.

In 2004 I stepped aside from consulting to work at what was then the Faculty of Information Studies at University of Toronto with the Professional Learning Centre. I firmly believe that consultants need to regularly immerse themselves into organizations, not just to actually see projects through, but to experience organization culture, dynamics and workings – and, yes, politics. Working in the academic environment for 4 years definitely enriched my understanding of academic organizations, not to mention adult learning.

And now, with my face hurting from smiling so much and my knees shaking with a bit of trepidation, I have this incredible opportunity to work within a thriving, striving public library organization. Wow – Becky Jo Snowden from Shadylawn Farms – so, so fortunate.

I will remain a partner with Dysart & Jones, and I’ll keep writing (er….get writing again) for this blog. And with Jane’s ever-evolving conferences and events I’ll keep learning from so many different people in diverse sectors and walks of life, including many of you (if you are still reading!). Ok, ok, here’s the press release!
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