If you are attending Computers in Libraries in Washington DC next week, you should check out Games, Gadgets, and Makerspaces on Sunday, April 26th from 5:30-7:30PM.  Brian Pichman, Director of Strategic Innovation for the Evolve Project, is bringing the attendees of CIL a chance to experience all the latest and greatest in innovative technology.    Come for refreshments, laughs, and a quick tutorial on how to build robots, circuits, 3D print, code, and so much more! Within minutes, you will be creating and making.

Along with Brian are several special guests: Ginger Butcher from NASA, Joshua Zimmerman from Brown Dog Gadgets, and Tod Colegrove and team from University of Nevada – Reno.

Ginger will be building NASA activities with the littleBits components. In 2014, she worked with littleBits Electronics to co-develop NASA activities to accompany their commercial Space Kit product. These activities are excellent springboards for engaging kids in science both in formal and informal education settings.

Joshua invites you to come create your own custom light up name tag courtesy of BrownDogGadgets.com.  Etch your name into an acrylic blank and light it up with colorful LEDs.  This simple project is just one of many hands-on electronics projects designed for young learners.  Joshua will be sharing some of his other fun activities that are extremely affordable and engaging.

Tod will be showing off augmented reality through the Oculus Rift , displaying open source computer boards called, and much more! If you want to chance to experiment with some extremely high tech gadgets, he is certainty the person to talk to.

About Ginger Butcher

Ginger Butcher is an award-winning Science Writer and Education Specialist with over 15 years experience developing children’s activities for NASA. Publications of note include The Adventures of Echo the Bat (1999) that teaches kids about interpreting satellite imagery and NASA’s Tour of the Electromagnetic Spectrum (2010) that brings the various science disciplines involved in NASA’s missions to a level approachable to the public. Ginger’s passion is to demystify the complexity of NASA Science through engaging hands-on activities such as how to engineer a satellite or how NASA instruments can measure gases in Earth’s atmosphere. She is currently exploring ways to engage libraries to co-develop activities that would work well within existing library programs like badging and Summer Reading Programs.

About Joshua Zimmerman of Brown Dog Gadgets:

Created by a former science teacher, Brown Dog Gadgets is dedicated to creating high interest and engaging electronics projects for kids and adults. With a focus on early education and alternative energy, Brown Dog Gadgets has a project for everyone. We understand that budgets are tight which is why we have a wide range of inexpensive “make and take” projects for elementary and middle school as well as reusable robotics and solar projects for older students. Ask us about getting an educators discount or about how to use our wide range of lesson plans and activity pages.