Real Story Group Subway Graphic

Real Story Group Subway Graphic

For the ninth year in a row, my buddies at the Real Story Group have released ten predictions for the New Year.

  1. Connected Devices Will Become a More Ubiquitous Channel
  2. DAM Vendors Will Roll out DAM Lite
  3. Drupal Split Will Characterize WCM Market Bifurcation
  4. Marketing Virtual Data Warehouses Will Go Mainstream
  5. Enterprise Mobile: Apps Will Get Unbundled
  6. A SharePoint 2016 Yawn
  7. Hybrid ECM Will Come of Age
  8. HR Will Rejoin the Digital Workplace Conversation
  9. Enterprise Social – Hype around Unified Enterprise Messaging
  10. Digital Workplace Will Say “Hello” to Analytics and Big Data

“Innovation from the consumer world is affecting both the digital workplace and digital marketing landscape as newer, cloud-based products offer simple solutions to simpler problems” says RSG Managing Director, Jarrod Gingras. “But many enterprises still need highly customizable, data-rich platforms for needs like omni-channel marketing.”

“This dichotomy is roiling the Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Web Content & Experience Management (WCM) marketplaces, and creating growing tensions between marketing and IT teams,” adds Gingras.

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And if you want to see a vendor map for this marketplace, go here!