BrandonThe 18th Internet Librarian kicked off this morning with inspiring and insightful keynote speaker  Brendan Howley who gave the audience a lot to think about as they drive their own destinies.  A well traveled, trained investigative journalist and digital content strategist, Howley had lots of great tips for libraries about storytelling to share their value in their communities.  Here are some quick quotes: “Where data meets story is where value is.” “Libraries are in the business of growing communities around them.” “Design stories with the end in mind; people will trust you and continue to share the story.” “Share the why of the how of what you do.”  “Community members want to co-create value.” “Values, what you stand for, are important and are the why of how you win the attention of your community.”  “Libraries are in the cultural context business; they are i the business of giving away context.” “Libraries are pegged to the cultural vibrancy of communities.”  “Libraries are the cultural triggers that activate networks; networks share values and bridge people, build relationships.”

Brendan recommended the book, A Pattern Language, for libraries planning physical changes but also for  UX and web interface folks.  He talked about iBeacons which he thinks libraries will take advantage of a lot in the near future to help build open media ecosystems!  Trusted open media ecosystems made up of local community news rooms.  Exciting to think about!