LibraryLeadersLogountitled   Mike Ridley & I are getting ready to facilitate the Library Leader’s Digital Strategy Summit held in conjunction with Internet Librarian in Monterey, October 27 – 28, 2014.

The beauty of co-locating the Summit with the IL Conference is that those participating in the small, intensive Summit have the keynote speakers for one-on-one sessions that are always relaxed and incredibly insightful.  Having heard the keynote presentation, those in the Summit engage on a much deeper level with Brendan Howley and Nina Simon about digital worlds and radical transformations.

Peter Morville is not only joining the Summit again this year to lead the discussion about the drivers of digital strategy he’s also equipping participants with copies of his latest brilliant work: Intertwindled – Information Changes Everything.  Mike purchased the digital version of the text, so I’m not sure how Peter will autograph it, but knowing his way around the digital environment, he’ll find a way.

Based on feedback from last year’s session the Summit has more time built in for participants to discuss issues and possibilities in small targeted groups, and to further explore the concepts of strategy and strategy mapping.  We thought those unable to participate in the Summit might be interested in the “Summit Pre-thinking” provided to those attending.  The following videos, blog posts and articles are intended to kickstart participants’ reflections and conversations regarding the digital strategies they are developing and implementing: Here’s a few  videos, posts and articles selected to prompt your thinking: One of the issues we’ll discuss up front is that of strategy and, of course, digital strategy, and then later on we’ll look at strategy mapping as a tool you may want to consider.  Here’s 3 short videos:

  1. “Why is it important to have a strategy?” encapsulates the basic purpose of strategy.
  2. 3 Mistakes you’re Making with Your Digital Strategy”     Many of the people discussing digital strategy are in marketing or web businesses.  Don’t let this put you off this video; every time he refers to a “marketing” or “business”, replace his terms with “library”. It gives us a different perspective.
  3.  “Strategy Mapping: Why is it so effective?”   gives a very quick overview of what strategy mapping is and how organizations use it to focus their thinking and their implementation.

Blog posts, a report and an article:

Singapore’s National Library has discussed and written about their digital strategy, providing some interesting insights.

The 2014 Report on Digital Transformation highlights how organizations are “leveraging digital transformation to become more customer-centric, more human, and renewing their culture for a new generation of customers and employees.”  Libraries can definitely benefit from the processes identified here.

Plus, once again, David Weinberger provides a provocative and interesting twist on digital strategy in “Let the Future Go” in September 22, 2014 Digital Shift. 


Even if you can’t participate in the Summit, let us know what ideas, issues and strategies these items prompt – or provoke – for you.