St George dayOver the last several weeks I have had a tremendous number of “thank yous” for putting together programs for recent events — Computers in Libraries 2014 in DC with the  theme Hack the Library! and Defining New Metrics for Library Success in Toronto.  It really gives me a blast when topics resonate, conversations abound, and directions are influenced!  Learning and growing is so important to me just like the image of today’s Google doodle for St. George’s day — it’s my dragon.  I am so lucky to have the opportunity to put together events that make that happen.   It is gratifying to see comments on Twitter, Facebook, and blogs about the events — positive comments are really appreciated but also suggestions or gaps — I really do try to build on feedback!   At this moment, on an event high,  I want to thank all those who help me put together programs, speak about their experiences, insights and ideas, lend their expertise to communicate and share with others, suggest topics for new events, attend the events and find them valuable.  You know who you are — almost everyone I know!  Thank YOU!