StartupWeekendTO_LibraryEdition_v1-1024x418Dysart & Jones is a sponsor and has been observing and participating in the world’s  first library edition of Startup Weekend!  Very exciting!  With global sponsors like Google, Coca Cola and Amazon, Startup Weekend is all about action, not talk.  We heard the pitches for MVPs — minimally viable products — on Friday evening;  and teams of librarians, designers and techies have been working on those MVPs ever since.  I’m looking forward to hearing the presentations later today:

1. Space Valet

2. Sticky Bookmarks

3. theBIKEproject

4. Raise Your Reader

5. Maker Library

6. Project Eeyore

7. SignWave

8. Hub

9. PixelBook

10. CCBB

11. Brooklist

David Weinberger, author of lots of terrific books, and soon to be the opening keynote speaker at Computers in Libriaries 2014 in Washington DC, April 7-9, is one of the judges of the MVP presentations this afternoon.  Other judges are Beth Jefferson, CEO, Bibliocommons;  Michelle McBane, Director, MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund; Chris Eben, Partner, The Working Group; and Candace Faktor, GM, Wattpad.  It will be interesting to see what they have to say and who wins prizes for this weekend’s creative and innovative library product designs.  We will be sharing more about this exciting one-of-a-kind event.