Choosing frameworks to align outcomes with teaching

Poster developed by: Joanna Szurmak; University of Toronto Mississauga Library and  and Saira Mall; Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation (CTSI)

Instructional sessions, whether embedded or one-shot, need to have learning outcomes that align activities with teaching methods. While it is our ideal to develop skills identified through learning outcomes, often the focus is on delivering content. In order to shift away from content-driven sessions and towards course goals, we need to establish a learning-focused interaction when consulting with faculty. In this poster we will connect learning-focused conversation techniques developed by Lipton & Wellman (2003) to Shank & Dewald’s (2003) Micro and Macro model of library presence in courses.

ID# 20 Mall-Szurmak-OLA-Poster-Thu-Jan-30-2014