Defining New Metrics for Library Success: April 22-23, 2014

Defining New Metrics for Library Success: April 22-23, 2014

2014 iSchool @ Toronto Symposium Series: Defining New Metrics for Library Success on Tuesday &Wednesday April 22-23, 2014, Toronto

Are you ready to communicate to your funders and community the real value that your library contributes?

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Following the University of Toronto iSchool Institute’s two very successful symposia, Creative Making in Libraries & Museums  and Pushing the Envelope in Education: Roles for Libraries in MOOCs and eLearning we are pleased to introduce our third symposium: Defining New Metrics for Library Success.

All libraries are challenged to communicate their value in uncertain fiscal and changing environments. Our communities, boards, management and institutions are asking for stronger and better measurements of our impact and value to help them with decision making and prioritization.

This symposium is about the various metrics and measures the library sector and discipline uses to manage what it is doing (it’s activities and individual services) and the value of what it is doing. These are very different measurement objectives and processes, yet complementary and vital.  It discusses  “measurement” in a broad sense, including the value of selected services as well as the overall management of processes and services. It is very important that people in the library sector are aware of different measures – – with different objectives.  Who knows where new ideas will come from? All libraries can learn from each other.

This two-day event illustrates the breadth and depth of the challenge for stronger and better measurements of our impact and value:

  • Explores opportunities for new value measurements
  • Puts metrics into the context of libraries
  • Shares exciting measurement programs already in place by pioneers
  • Suggests areas for future endeavours
  • Features leading edge thinkers and practitioners

Explore with your colleagues the opportunities and practices in both qualitative and quantitative measurements as well as best practices in visualization of data and communicating with our funders, management, councils and more.

Early bird registration is OPEN; OLA and FOPL members are eligible for special rates.


  • Jane Dysart, Dysart & Jones Associates
  • Stephen Abram, FOPL, Dysart & Jones Associates
  • Dr. Robert Molyneux
  • Dr.Mary Cavanagh,University of Ottawa
  • Dr. Bill Irwin, Western      University / Huron College
  • Jeff Wisniewski, University of Pittsburgh
  • Dr.Ken Haycock, iSchool Professor and Director, Marshall Business School, University of Southern California
  • Rod Sawyer, Ontario Ministry of Culture Libraries Branch
  • Moe Hosseini-Ara. Town of Markham
  • Anita Brooks Kirkland, OLA
  • Carol Koechlin, TDSB      (retired)
  • Jeanne Conte, Peel DSB
  • Brendan Howley, Social Media Guru
  • Carl Thompson, Counting Opinions
  • Rebecca Jones, Dysart & Jones Associates

University of Toronto, Faculty of Information, iSchool Institute
140 St George Street, 7th Floor, Toronto, ON (map)


  • Ontario Library Association
  • Federation of Ontario Public Libraries
  • University of Toronto iSchool Institute

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Counting Opinions

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