Future bookMy colleagues at D&J and I have spent almost 30 years talking about the future, being future focused and planning for the future.  Bruce Rosenstein‘s new book,Create Your Future the Peter Drucker Way: Developing& Applying a Forward Focused Mindsetencompasses so much of what we have be been talking about, teaching, and focusing on for almost 30 years!  Well done Bruce, and thanks Peter Drucker!  The book is full of wonderful Drucker quotes from his many publications, includes lots of references for further information, and has a summary and checklist of activities at the end of each chapter.  Excellent.

I love the 10 elements of the future: Mindset, Uncertainty, Creation, Inevitability, Present Moment, Change, Reflection, Remove/Improve, Innovation/Entrepreneurship, Risk.  You’ll have to read the book for more!  The book is well written and I’m sure you will be engaged.

Speaking at the Rotman School of Business at the University of Toronto tonight, Bruce shared his thoughts of what put Drucker ahead of the pack:  diversity — writing for many different publications, teaching, videos; powerful personal brand; global outlook and world view; remaining relevant.  Drucker certainly had a consistent body of work and work that benefits others.

In our blog, we’ve posted numerous quotes from Drucker around leadership, but my best memory of Peter Drucker is his keynote speech in 2002 in Los Angeles at an SLA conference.  He knew his audience of librarians and told them to look at what people were asking them and watch for the odd ball requests or annomolies — those requests that were different because those were probably going to be the coming topics of interest.

Long live Peter Drucker, and thanks again Bruce for focusing on creating the future.