CIL 2014I’m very excited about next year’s program for Computers in Libraries 2014 in Washington DC.  How can it not be fun with the theme, Hack the Library!  Although, I do think almost anything can be hacked (or transformed) — any organization, any process.  And not only do I think they can be hacked, I think they should be.  We need fresh ideas, re-engineered processes, new strategies, continuous innovation and creativity as we deal with an uncertain future no matter if we are a library, an information service, or just about anything else!

Great keynotes for Computers in Libraries 2014:

David Weinberger, Co-Director, Harvard Library Innovation Lab; Senior Research, Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society, & Author, Too Big to Know & Everything is Miscellaneous: The Power of the New Digital Disorder, & Co-Author, Cluetrain Manifesto.  His topic: Hack Libraries: Platforms? Playgrounds? Prototypes?

Mary Lee Kennedy, Chief Library Officer, New York Public Library (formerly at Harvard Business School & Microsoft).  Her topic: Hacking Strategies for Library Innovation.

Mike Lydon, Principal, The Street Plans Collaborative & Author, Tactical Urbanism.  His topic: Hacking Library Spaces

Check out the exciting streams of sessions: Creative Spaces & Makerspaces; Hacking the Enterprise; Discovery, Navigation & Search; Transforming Web Presence; Internet @ Schools; Library Issues & Challenges; User Experience; Transformation, Change & People; Community Impact; Future Directions; Rethinking Our Approaches; Under the Hood; Digital Academy; Innovation & more!