BP3fORCCYAAFZ96I’m missing Creative Making in Libraries & Museums, a University of Toronto iSchool Institute Symposium, but thankfully the tweets are info-full. Here’s the recipe for the creative space from Maker Kids in Toronto that public and academic libraries are learning about today:

  • Dedicated space
  • Real Tools
  • Process over product
  • Interest driven
  • Kids teaching kids
  • Kids teaching us
  • Exhibition
  • Community

Maker Kids is an example of one of the “collective community workshops known as Hackerspaces or Makerspaces that have grown worldwide from 124 in 2009 to over 500 in 2011.”  They are “leading edge, providing one of the first kids’ Makerspaces, empowering all kids to be Makers. Our Makerspace has one big main area for most activities, plus a wordworking shop and a kitchen. It is a centre for ideas, inspiration and implementation – a resource centre for our community!”

Thanks to Maker Kids for their presentation!