Creative Making in Libraries & Museums

Today's Google Doodle for a very creative maker!

Today’s Google Doodle for a very creative maker!

The Univeristy of Toronto iSchool Insitutes first symposium, Creative Making in Libraries and Museums, was resounding success!  Thank you to all our fabulous speakers.  Here are some of the comments from our terrific and engaged attendees:

“This symposium had some of the best overall content of any conference I’ve attended, including big ones like OLA, PLA, ALA, etc.”

“Enjoyed the mix of in person, multimedia, Skype.” “Great mix.”  “The variety added to the ability to maintain attention – you got it right.”

“Choice of speakers was outstanding.”  “They all excelled.”

“All speakers were on subject and brought experience and expertise.  Good spotlight on the tools so we can make decisions about our own spaces.”

“All the speakers were inspiring and informative.  This symposium make me think about creative making in a deeper way and gave me ideas about how libraries can be leaders in providing access to creative making spaces, instruction, events, etc.  I loved Chattanooga PL’s 4th floor culture, the energy they put into their events.  Fayetteville PL’s call for libraries to ‘just be relevant’ is also amazing – I believe that organizational culture eats planning for breakfast and it is inspirational to see how these libraries operate.”

“I really liked getting insight from organizations outside of libraries as well as libraries of different types – hearing about the successful things they are doing.”

If you were unable to attend but want a flavor of the day, check out the program and presentation links and Twitter feed, #creativemaking. Here is Matt Ratto’s Creative Making:

Keep an eye out for more info on the iSchool Institute’s second symposium. Save the date:

Pushing the Envelope in Education: Roles for Libraries — MOOCs, eLearning & Gamification

September 30/October 1

2 thoughts on “Creative Making in Libraries & Museums

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  2. Mita Williams

    I would love to see more libraries embrace the creative potential that comes through with digital labs, craft-work, critical making and hackerspaces, and so I very much appreciate events such as Creative Making that help make this shift possible.

    Unfortunately, like too many technology conferences, the Creative Making event had a paucity of women speaking: 2 women, including yourself, out of 14. I think this is particularly egregious, when there are a number of women in the local area who have experiences in both librarianship and hackerspaces, including:

    – Susan Downs, chief librarian at Innisfil Public Library, which has both a digital lab and creative space
    – Kim Martin, LIS PhD candidate at Western University, and a force behind the DH MakerBus
    – Sarah Simpkin, a librarian who works for the Markham Public Library and is a founding member of SimCoLab, Simcoe County’s first hackerspace
    – Sarah Shujah, a librarian at York University who organized The 1st Annual Steacie Library Dungeon Hackfest

    I understand that the theme of Computers in Libraries conference will be Hack the Library. I hope that as you and your team work on this conference’s programs, you please consider working towards reducing the gender inequity in your speaker selections. It’s makes it difficult to attract more women into hackerspaces and to science and technology professions when event after event suggests that much of women’s work in the field is quietly and simply not recognized.

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