I love this post,  Our Three Children Blog… Here’s Why, from Dan Pontefract who is the Head of Learning & for Telus, author of Flat Army: Creating a Connected & Engaged Organization, and recent speaker for me at Building Smarter Organizations, and I hope will be a speaker at KMWorld 2013, Nov 8th in DC!  His book will definitely be on sale at our KMWorld Bookstore!

Dan points to these great points about why young children (who are too young for Facebook) should blog:

  • writing, memory & motor skills [I started my children, who are now 33 and 29, on the computer when they were 6 & 3]
  • motivation & reward
  • creativity
  • everything is a teachable moment [you should see my 91 year old retired teacher mother who still illustrates this point!]
  • digital literary skills
  • memory keeper

I am definitely with Dan every step of the way.  And when you read the list, doesn’t it hit you that those are skills we need in the future?  Just heard a terrific talk by Mike Walsh at last week’s SLA conference (and I’ll blog more when I have some time), where he said have a look at your kids because they are tomorrow’s colleagues and hires.  So if you want the people you work with to be creative, digitally literate, with great thinking and writing skills, you should agree with Dan too!