Too much good information flying around at a fast pace for me to blog on the spot, but hope to have a series of posts from APQC’s Knowledge Management conference. This morning Carla O’Dell , CEO of APQC & Author, The New Edge in Knowledge, shared some interesting facts and thoughts.  She asked the room who was new to KM this morning and the reaction was similar to what we find at the KMWorld conference in DC — almost half those at our events are new to KM.  Organizations are all at different places in their journey to share knowledge and create smart and productive enterprises.  Carla suggested that the way we keep KM (knowledge management) fresh, and reinvented, is based in it’s interdisciplinary roots (organization hehavior, marketing, cognitive psychology, innovation, IT & the web, behavioral economics), the fact that new tools keep coming and add to the complexity, and the effect of crowdsourcing in many different situations and environments.  I really liked her list of the knowledge needs that most organizations are struggling with:

  • expert and expertise location
  • identification of critical knowledge in the organization (whether it’s oill & gas, pharma, etc)
  • collaboration
  • knowledge capture, transfer & reuse
  • search & findability