lizard maria_sibylla_merians_366th_birthdayYesterday’s Google doodle made me think of reflection and regeneration which is what I see little lizards doing in warm southern climates.  They stay very still in the sun, I figure reflecting.  How many of us, stop, stay still, don’t answer texts, emails, phone calls, etc. for a few minutes — and reflect or think. And if your children were like mine, they loved to chase these little guys and were shocked when their tails came off — but they regenerate.  How do we regenerate?  We are coming into conference season, starting for us at Computers in Libraries 2013 in DC next week and Building Smarter Organizations in Toronto on May 14th .  I think conferences are the perfect places to take in new and exciting ideas, insights, experiences and practices of colleagues.  To reflect upon those insights in our own contexts and take the best and most innovative and regenerate our own services and products.  Hope you take time to get the most out of spring conferences, taking the time to reflect and use your new knowledge and learnings to regenerate yourself and the world around you!