OLA Poster: Doubling Down: Wilfrid Laurier Library’s online teaching & learning

This poster session was developed by: Michael Steeleworthy & Pauline Dewan; Wilfrid Laurier University Library

In Spring 2012, The Wilfrid Laurier University Library undertook a review of its online teaching and learning strategy. This examination included an analysis of the library’s teaching and learning goals, tools, and organizational structure, a literature review of current theory and methods in online teaching and learning, and a survey of instructional librarians at post-secondary libraries across North America. Our results, which call for more self-service learning options, a stronger online presence for librarians, and a renewed organizational structure for online instruction, are informing the Library’s wider restructuring as it moves toward a student-centered, digital-oriented service model.

Laurier online teaching program 1Laurier online teaching program 2

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