BSO tiny logo picFurther to my post in March about our most recent event, Building Smarter Organizations, I have to admit I am really excited.  One of my neighbours stopped me today while we were walking our dogs, to say she thought this event would be terrific!  I can’t wait to hear our fabulous line up of speakers including:

Rick HuijbregtsVice President, Industry and Business Transformation and General Manager, Smart + Connected Communities, Cisco Canada

Dan PontefractDirector of Learning, Telus and author of Flat Army

Camine Porco, Associate Partner, IBM Interactive Canada

Sandra MontaninoDirector of Professional Development, Goodmans LLP

Ted GrahamDirector of Knowledge, Learning and Innovation, PwC Canada

Heather ColmanKM Specialst, Hicks Morley

Arna BanackPresident, Arbacus

Vince MolinaroManaging Director, Knightsbridge

In just two weeks, on Tuesday May 14th at the Bram & Bluma Appel Salon in Toronto, we will be participating in an intimate and interactive one-day event to discuss, network, and learn to spark creative and innovative solutions for organizations using enterprise social networking.  It’s for leaders, knowledge managers, technologists, learning / training experts, innovators, business designers, strategists, social business gurus, communications and human resources specialists — all those who want to expand their thinking, increase their network and get some practical tips to make their organization smarter.

People in smart organizations share what they know more easily, learn faster, innovate more. That means the organization is able to spot and exploit opportunities, manage risks, operate efficiently, and be more productive.  Using a new approach to leadership and leveraging new technology like social networking means people are more engaged with the organization’s purpose and the flow of ideas and knowledge is maximized into and around the organization.

Check out the website for more program details and we hope to see you o the 14th.  If you can’t join us in person, join our LinkedIn Group and Facebook page where lots of relevant comments and articles are being submitted.