I just watched this wonderful video about New York Public Library’s pending renovation.  Amazingly this video, posted in December 2012, has only been viewed 565 times.  Huh?  Listen to the compelling words of NYPL’s President and CEO, and substitute your library for “New York Public Library”.  Copy Tony Marx’ passion – his candour – his focus on what libraries do and should continue to do.  Keep watching.  Listen to Norman Foster, the architect of renovations for many other world class libraries.  Again – think of them speaking about your library.  “More librarians to help researchers – more librarians to help folks in the circulating libraries…….a library in its feel in which storage relates with study areas……..it will be the centrepiece in the world of information…….the era of thinking is not past.”   NYPL is “putting a stake in the ground?” that thinking and information is not past.

This video demonstrates the importance of ‘standing in the future’ to imagine what you want your library to be — what you want it to look like, how you want people engaging with content and information, how you want people creating new content and information, how you want the library to be impacting their lives.  This video shows that just as an architect the stature of Norman Foster designs the future, so too can you.  So too should you.

Design your future.  Stand in the future.  Use Russell Ackoff’s Idealized Design approach to draft out that future experience.  Put your library’s stake in the ground for your future.  Don’t think that your library can’t compare or compete with New York Public Library.  Your library is as important to your community as NYPL is to New Yorkers. Watch this video and hear your Board chair – or your Mayor – talking about your library.