OLA Poster: Strengthening Medical Library Services in Ethiopia

This poster was developed by: Sandra Kendall, Mount Sinai Hospital


In response to the Ethiopian Government’s aim to train 5,000 specialist MDs and PhDs and 10,000 Masters graduates by 2018, the Toronto Addis Ababa Academic Collaboration (TAAAC) was established to co-build capacity and sustainability in graduate programming at Addis Ababa University (AAU). Enhancing Library Sciences at the College of Health Sciences, AAU is essential to successfully support the expansion of graduate programming. The program for clinical medical librarians will build capacity in library literacy skills, including the accessing of up-to-date information, with foundational knowledge and appraising the evolving literature in evidence-based medicine (EBM) and critical thinking skills to support medical faculty and trainees. UofT medical librarians provide onsite training at AAU over a series of visits starting in 2011 to reinforce and sustain newly acquired medical library skills.

TAAAC Outcomes Backdrop

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