OLA Poster: Searching for the Library at Fanshawe: How students access the library website

This poster was developed by: Tony Onorato, Fanshawe College, Library & Media Services

OLA setup

Can students find your library’s website? Even if you have invested resources into creating a great library website, students won’t use it if they can’t find it! During our 2012 website redesign, we examined the number of user actions required to access the library from Fanshawe’s homepage. We compared this to the number of actions required at other Ontario colleges, plus forty-six other partner institutions. Usability testing, student feedback and the corresponding research have discovered a gap in accessing the library at Fanshawe and other Ontario colleges. In doing so, we are deterring and disenfranchising students from accessing the library, when we should be creating more user-friendly access pathways, to draw students away from nonacademic resources.

Fanshawe CollegeFanshawe College 2

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