This is one of the most important presentations I’ve seen on augmented reality, 3D books, & other technologies IN USE TODAY.  Yes, in use today. The ways in which these technologies are being used in some libraries – and can be used, AND the impact on metadata are fascinating. Even for you librarians rolling your eyes that you “don’t do” cataloguing or “deal with metadata” watch this. Get over the fact that it is about Bavaria. It is about our profession.  He raises the question of whether visual search eliminates the need for metadata.  This is a pretty important question – and goes to the core of our profession.  Thanks, Gary Price, for blogging this in Library Journal.  I would never know about half the things I need to keep up on without Gary and Stephen Abram — two amazing librarians who actually understand the service part and the underpinnings (cataloguing & tagging) of our profession.  Get your coffee – or tea – or beer – I don’t care what…..and watch this.  The real details start at about 12 minutes, so if you have to, fast forward to that point: