If only we could be certain about our future, we could make all the right decisions!  But how much time do we spend actually looking around us and learning about our current environment and some of the emerging trends?  I have always thought that  Hamel & Prahalad hit it on the nail in their book, Competing for the Future, in the late 90s when they discussed how organizations were re-engineering because they spent so little time considering the future and what might be happening to their companies, industries, communities, etc.

In the information and knowledge industries, the creating & organizing, sharing & discovering, managing & utilizing information are critical to making decisions, taking action, innovating, making a difference. Looking at the bigger picture helps to expand our thinking, develop our critical thinking skills, examine our surroundings through different lenses,  inspect the world from different perspectives.  So I am embarking on some trend sharing experiments which I hope will spark more thoughts about what’s happening around us and what impact these emerging trends might have on the information and knowledge industries.  Please share your insights with me and keep the conversation going.  Remember when Johnny Carson used say, Hmmmmmmm, well that’s what I hope my links will do for you, make you go hmmmmmmmm and think about what it means for your organization, your community, the services you you provide and how they might evolve.  First topic up:

Education & Learning

John Seely Brown video on Learning & the Global One Room Schoolhouse

Are Universities & Colleges going to the way of Newspapers? blog post

Learning from maps? Atlantic magazine interview with Google’s Michael Jones.

Ed-Tech Trends for 2013 infographic

Do these trends make you go hmmmmmm?  What have you seen on the topic of education & learning that you’d add to the conversation?  Please share!