dysartjonesIn Dysart & Jones 20th Anniversary year as a consultancy, Rebecca Jones and Jane Dysart are delighted to announce the following changes to our practice. As the complexity of libraries and the information sector increases we recognize the growing need for consulting services from professionals with a strong track record of diverse experiences.  Strategically transforming organizations and developing bold, achievable plans for future success has never been more important or in more demand. In this context Dysart & Jones welcomes two new associates, library and information industry veterans Juanita Richardson and Stephen Abram.

“We’ve been so fortunate,” said Rebecca Jones. “We’ve worked with the best clients, from tiny rural public libraries to huge urban library systems and academic institutions, to charities, to corporate and government information services. We’ve stuck to our knitting. And we’ve very carefully managed our growth, aligning with Jim Morgenstern of dmA Planning & Management two years ago, and now bringing Juanita and Stephen on board. Their intelligence, experience and incredible knowledge of libraries and the information world is incredibly exciting!”

Jane Dysart notes that “D&J is taking this opportunity to expand our service offerings which have included major, international conference and client learning events, information and knowledge management consulting in the corporate and public sector, coaching, planning and facilitation in the public and academic sectors to now offer talent management (finding speakers for events) and consulting in the information industry sector.”

“Working with Dysart & Jones presents the opportunity to engage in exciting projects with real scope and to work with a team of professionals who come to the table with an array of skills and in-depth expertise from across the information industry,” said Juanita Richardson. “I am pleased to make my contribution to the D&J practice and to participate in applying the rigorous D&J processes and solutions to ensure that clients get the best outcomes every time.”

“I am so excited to finally be embarking on a new adventure in the Dysart & Jones family.” said Stephen Abram, “Their reputation for quality and transformational advice is one that I aspire to model and my many years of experience in the library, information vendor and publishing industries will be available for all.”

About Dysart & Jones Associates

For two decades Dysart & Jones has given clients expert consultation in strategic planning, organizational reviews and design, problem-solving, and conference and event planning. Planted firmly in the information marketplace, D&J helps organizations look forward and make sense of what they see. It fosters integral partnerships with clients and works together with them to turn a sea of decisions into navigable terrain towards a preferred future. As active members of numerous North American and international associations, Dysart & Jones maintain a large network of information and knowledge managers in public, academic, corporate and government libraries, associations, and organizations in Canada, the U.S., Europe, Australia and New Zealand, as well as senior executives in the information industry. D&J has worked with a wide range of clients including corporate and legal information services, global consulting firm information services, public and academic libraries, information associations, chambers of commerce, information industry suppliers and publishers.