Had an interesting dinner with friends last night.  The conversation turned to new Big Data jobs utilizing information skills previously used in more traditional settings.  We wondered if those people toiling in more traditional settings are actually ready to hear about new and exciting opportunities in the Big Data sector.  And this morning I was directed to discussions on the LinkedIn Business Technology Forum.  Here are some excerpts:

Big Data is set to lead to a big boost for IT jobs, according to Gartner says Teddy Lawhead on The Business Technology Forum.  “The big data labour market has been predicted to grow exponentially between now and 2015, creating some 4.4 million IT jobs worldwide,” he said. He added that this boom will impact on the supply chain too with three jobs outside of IT for every one inside. “This could mean that big data will create almost 6 million jobs inside the US alone.”

Some of those jobs will result from the need to manage this explosion in data, something that will only increase in complexity. ”If you think we’ve got Big Data problems now – with “only” about 9 billion devices connected to the internet – what’s the situation going to be like when that number soars to 50 billion at the end of the decade?,” asks Oracle’s Bob Evans in a Forbes.com post.

“Oracle president Mark Hurd recently raised the possibility that unless businesses and government agencies can seize control over that Big Data explosion, then they’ll run the risk of simply being overwhelmed by vast volumes of data that they can’t find, control, manage, or secure – let alone analyse and exploit,” said Bob Evans.

Jane’s note — so where have we heard about information and data tsunamis before?  In the 80s, 90s, etc!  And who has the skills to tame these tsuanmis?

And more from the Business Tech Group:  Gideon Wilkins suggested it is the human touch that is the key to successful data manipulation. “Unless you have the data analysts, or as we call them now data scientists, to turn data in to an advantage, then all you end up with is a big bill and a lot of data on a lot of storage. Sadly it is the people skills that are in real demand right now.”

Absolutely!  Information scientists, can you handle data?  Of course you can.  Get out of your comfort zone and get ready for new and exciting careers with Big Data!