Are you a new manager or team leader?

I just realized that the session I gave at last year’s OLA Superconference is on the web with full video (ew……..), slides and worksheets. The Accidental Manager is an excerpt from a full course for those new to managing a function or team.  This 90 minute session focused on the all important and yet often overlooked transitioning from being an individual contributor to being responsible for a group.  It also addresses the age-old question “How do I motivate_______ (fill in the blank) ???”   The answer, of course, is “you can’t” – always rather disappointing for a new team leader or supervisor.  What you can do, and must learn to do as a manager, is create a motivating environment in which expectations are clear, individual’s strengths and talents are recognized and utilized, communication is constant, multi-formatted and geared to various receptor readiness (we all hear things differently at different times), people know where the team is headed, why it’s headed there (even if they may not like it), and are treated fairly and as adults.  Ah, there’s many other ingredients required for a motivating workplace, but those are the basics. The slides are here as well, with the worksheets, (and without the video accompaniment), or if you want your own copy, just drop me an email at rebecca at

OLA 2012 Superconference Virtual Experience

OLA 2012 Superconference Virtual Experience

Hope to see you at OLA’s 2013 Superconference January 30th – February 2 at the Toronto Convention Centre.  I’ll be at the Poster Sessions, sponsored by Dysart & Jones Associates and dmA Consulting for the 3rd year in a row. Come – see – and be amazed at the work invested in and the experiences shared in these posters.

The Accidental Manager

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