I’m looking forward to chatting about how to get evidence for advancing library agendas with Frank Cervone, Vice Chancellor for Information Services & CIO, Purdue University- Calumet.  On Nov 27, I will be chatting in one of the Education Institute’s Conversations with Leaders series on  Using Evidence to Advance Library Agendas with Frank .  Frank recently wrote a piece on this topic  for Marketing Library Services & here’s an excerpt:

Most libraries are within larger organizations that have resource constraints, so the primary goal of any library advocacy effort is to convince decision makers that it is more important to fund the programs and services of a library opposed to something else. Regardless of who they are, the concerns of the people we direct our advocacy efforts towards are the same. Ultimately they want to know what the compelling reasons are for funding the library. It is vitally important that the advocacy efforts of the library speak to the needs and concerns of funders.

This is a problem in many cases because librarians use approaches that do not address the concerns of the funder. Too often, library advocacy is based on sloganeering, such as the “Libraries Matter” campaign. The problem is that these slogans are too vague and generally do not speak to the population at large. We need to change our approach so that it is focused on the things that matter to our funders.

Hope you’ll join us for the conversation and make sure you bring your questions and comments too!