KMWorld 2012 is Buzzing!

Thanks to PinHawk Law Technology Daily Digest for pulling together lots of posts from the KMWorld 2012 conference currently exciting the audience in DC! ¬†Just met this blogger this morning and she is amazing! ¬†Here’s my repost of Jeffrey Brandt‘s post:

Mary Abraham is attending the KMWorld 2012 Conference. I am not sure how many others from legal are there, but I would encourage us all to seek enlightenment from outside our own echo chamber. I was eagerly following her live tweets yesterday (using both the official #kmworld and unofficial #kmw12 hashtags). She’s been a busy lady, as you can tell from the seven highlights I’ve got below. I’d suggest maybe Mary needs an intervention of some sort… but let’s wait until *after* the conference. Read more at Above and Beyond KM:
From Intranets to the Digital Workplace #KMWorld
Flow Systems and #KM #KMWorld
Dave Snowden:Finding New Solutions to Wicked Problems #KMWorld
Dave Pollard: Conversations that Don’t Suck #kmw12 #KMWorld
Are Intranets Social? #KMWorld #KMW12
Lt Col David Sanchez Keynote:Aligning Corporate Information Governance and Content#KMWorld
John Seely Brown: The Entrepreneurial Learner #KMWorld

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