Thanks to PinHawk Law Technology Daily Digest for pulling together lots of posts from the KMWorld 2012 conference currently exciting the audience in DC!  Just met this blogger this morning and she is amazing!  Here’s my repost of Jeffrey Brandt‘s post:

Mary Abraham is attending the KMWorld 2012 Conference. I am not sure how many others from legal are there, but I would encourage us all to seek enlightenment from outside our own echo chamber. I was eagerly following her live tweets yesterday (using both the official #kmworld and unofficial #kmw12 hashtags). She’s been a busy lady, as you can tell from the seven highlights I’ve got below. I’d suggest maybe Mary needs an intervention of some sort… but let’s wait until *after* the conference. Read more at Above and Beyond KM:
From Intranets to the Digital Workplace #KMWorld
Flow Systems and #KM #KMWorld
Dave Snowden:Finding New Solutions to Wicked Problems #KMWorld
Dave Pollard: Conversations that Don’t Suck #kmw12 #KMWorld
Are Intranets Social? #KMWorld #KMW12
Lt Col David Sanchez Keynote:Aligning Corporate Information Governance and Content#KMWorld
John Seely Brown: The Entrepreneurial Learner #KMWorld