Barker’s Possibilities Cone

Exploring, or creating, our future requires lots of insights, thinking, and communicating.  I just discovered Joel Barker‘s Cone of Possibilities moving from our past to our future and pointing out that strategic exploration is “what you do before you plan.”  I just spent an hour with a client coaching her on a vision for 2016 for her group prior to creating their strategic plan — strategic exploration.  They are doing fabulous stuff, creating wonderful products and services for their clients, but helping to build more for 2016 by telling a “future story” really makes the vision pop.  It creates an embracing future where all stakeholders (staff, senior management, clients) can see their place and really want to be there because it’s exciting and inviting.

As Joel Barker says, “The role of leadership is to find, recognize, & secure the future.”  Bring on more exciting future scenarios.  What are yours?