Brian David Johnson, Director, Future Casting & Experience for Intel Corporation (@Intelfuturist) and author of several books was a really engaging speaker.  His is a science fiction afficiondo — and has created a book called, Science Fiction Prototyping.  He spends a lot of time at the University of Essex Robotics Lab where is his best friends with a robot named Arthur.  He builds models of the future, 10-15 years out because it takes 5 years to build a new chip.  He believes that we are all active participants in our future, or should be with our opinions and actions.  Johnson thinks that having toys and stuff around is essential.  Makes us comfortable and human, real people in real places.  Johnson creates actionable visions for Intel that go to the engineers so they have to be pretty accurate, he is accountable for his visions!  Cool!  He says its all about developing actionable visions for the future that we can build, understanding what people will do in the future, and using process to figure out what is necessary to get there. He works primarity with ethnographers and anthropologists.

His slide at the World Future Socity conference showing how computing is moving to zero echoes his discussion that computers are 7 nanometers in size now so that we can turn anything into a computer.  Rather than asking what we can do with is, we should be asking WHAT, what do we want to do with it.  So as you are creating your actionable vision, ask yourself, what do you want your world to be like, what do you want to be doing.  I want to hear more of those actionable visions when I see you next — and you know who you are!