Several things have recently rekindled my thinking about paradigms (popular years ago with Joel Barker‘s book on paradigms), and how fresh lenses or frames can help us see things differently.  The following articles being a couple of those things:

Rethinking the Concept of “Outliers”: Why Non-Experts are Better at Disruptive Innovation

How Beginner’s Luck Works & How You Can Reproduce it Anytime (Even if You’re Not a Beginner)  Thanks to our student helper. Ilana Barnes, who mentioned this one during our recent SLA workshop on Thinking Strategically.

Data-Driven Decision Making vs Discovery-Driven Planning — since D&J’s core business if discover-driven planning or direction planning or strategic planning, I love this article.  Here are some great quotes from Brian Mathews: “don’t measure a butterfly using the metrics of a caterpillr”, “perception shifting”, “I prefer change to be human-driven”, “we can’t use the old mindset to describe the new mindset … requires us to also change the way we view ourselves, our roles & our processes”, “old data has a role but it should not guide the transformation.”

I am attending the World Future Society conference in Toronto (#wf12)  later this week and Joel Barker is going to be there — I really look forward to hearing him speak — I engaged him as a keynote speaker for SLA years ago and have used his videos extensively in client and group work.

I hope to get lots of insights and ideas about how to keep our thinking fresh, our perceptions/lenses/frames able to see different patterns, and of course, ways to help us create our own futures!  Stay tuned, and share any techniques you have.  Thanks.