Rebecca provided great coverage of yesterday’s opening keynote speaker at SLA 2012, Guy Kawasaki.  I want to add a couple of things.  He emphasized that enchanting really required 3 things — likability, trustworthiness and quality.  His examples of trustworthiness included Norstrom and I just had to relate my customer service (and shopping experience).  I had a few hours on Saturday and headed to Nordstrom (we don’t have one in Canada, pity) to check out jackets — my downfall as many of know!  I found two — wait til you see them (and you will).  However, when I got back to hotel I realized that one jacket still had the security tag on (you know the one that is filled with ink in case you want to try to take it off yourself).  I was really disappointed and had no idea of when I could take it back as you know our SLA conference schedules are jammed back with learning, networking, meetings, parties, etc.  So I called customer service who immediately said they would send someone to the hotel to take the tag off even if I wasn’t here — I could leave it at the front desk and it would be done.  Amazing customer service.  All the stories you hear, are definitely true.  I’m so impressed and enchanted with how my unhappy experience is being turned around.  Kudos!

By way I was also enchanted by Guy’s story about trying to enlist his teen age boys to take pictures of his home washer and dryer for a presentation in Brazil, his referral to “curating the net”  librarians, and tip for being successful in the information biz.