Guy Kawasaki’s advice to the SLA 2012 keynote audience is to eat information like a bird (they eat a lot), and poop it out like an elephant. Get it in, analyze it & get it out.  He covered the 10 points of Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions (his new book) guy@alltopcom

As an Apple employee, a venture capitalist and now as a speaker, he has done a great deal of enchanting.  How do you evangelize, influence and enchant people. Highly recommends Influence (as has Ken Haycock for years). His top 10 tips for how to enchant your customers, managers

  1. Achieve likability
    • Have a great smile, not a forced grin; a Duchenne smile uses your eyes and your mouth – you “want crows feet”
    • Accept others for what they are & not try to change them; don’t expect to be liked if you aren’t liking others
    • Default to “yes”; always think of how you can help other people; the upside of being liked far outweighs the downside of being taken advantage
  2. Achieve trustworthiness
  • trusts people not to return e-books in the 7 days that, in fact, they’ve read; in return we trust
  • trusts women not to take advantage of their shipping both ways; in return women trust Zappos
  • Bake, don’t eat
  • Find something you can agree on, even the smallest thing

3. Perfect your product or service – perfect what you do – make it great

  • It is easier to enchant people with great services than with crap
  • Do something DICEE: deep, intelligent, complete, empowering (makes you more creative, more productive), elegant

4 Launch your service

  • Tell a great story, a personal story, not using words like scalable, enterprise, curve-jumping, etc.
  • Plant many seeds;Use salient points; calories vs. miles (if you eat this bag of chips you need to run 25 miles! ); gigabytes vs. # of songs

5.  Overcome resistance to your service

  • Electronic gaming overcame the market’s resistance by calling the games educational toys not games
  • Provide social proofUse a dataset; the facts are there but the market refuses to believe it; uses datasets to change mindsetsEnchant all the influencers, not just the obvious

6.  Endure

  • Grateful Dead encourages ppl to pirate its music; it has a special place for ppl to “tape” it’s concertsBuild an ecosystem about your industry or serviceInvoke reciprocity. 
  • Read Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robt Cialdini
  • Instead of saying “you are welcome”, say “I know you would do the same for me”, which means “I know you will do the same for me”; as a defaulter to yes and a baker not an eater you also need to enable ppl to pay you back
  • Don’t rely on money;
  • Be a great presenter
  • Customize the introduction to the audience
  • Sell your dream of what your service can solve ppl’s problems
  • Use 10 slides in 20 minutes; in 30 point font

7. Use technology

  • Remove the speed bumps to getting to your company or service
  • Provide value – insights – what to do to make sure a bad thing doesn’t happen to your client
  • Eat information like a bird eats food & poop it out like an elephant: take lots in, digest it and spread it around — get it out there in a meaningful way!


9. Enchant up to your boss

  • Drop everything else when your boss asks
  • Prototype fast; if your boss asks you to do something, whip it up quickly as a prototype; it proves that you’ve dropped everything
  • Deliver bad news early; the moment you know something is wrong, tell them

10. Enchant down to the people who work for you

  • Provide a map (Daniel Pink’s Drive) for ppl;
  • help them develop mastery;
  • Suck it up; don’t ask people to do something you won’t do

ginaposs@gmailcom — if you want the presentation, send an email to Gina.   His site is