Rebecca and I agree with Wikipedia’s definition, that critical thinking is thinking that questions assumptions.  But here is a more robust discussion from the Foundation and Center for Critical Thinking, and they have great resources too.  A fellow attendee at the World Future Society conference told me she had just come from the Critical Thinking conference which was really good in her opinion.  Will have to watch more from this organization.

I’ve written on this topic before, but once again it is at the forefront of my mind since our SLA workshop on strategic thinking, the time at the World Future Society conference (#wf12), and our work with clients.  #WF12 has certainly helped me reframe some of my thinking and see some future opportunities.

This morning I heard Escaping the Matrix: Designed Scenario Strategies by a group from OCAD Univeristy, Canada’s “university of the imagination” focused on art and design education and research.  Suzanne Stein, and Peter Jones, faculty and graduates of OCAD’s Strategic Foresight & Innovation graduate degree program presented a number of techniques for designing scenarios:

* scenario pathways: stakeholder-generated collaborative foresight

* materialization

* scenario fictions: generating defensible stories to highlight foresight findings

* non-directed stakeholder discover

And then they facilitated the attendees trying out these different techniques.   Fun and informative.