For almost 30 years I’ve heard Stephen Abram talk about using verbs not nouns — first in our job descriptions to show we are actually having an impact on our organizations (he worked for Hay Associates at the time).  But really, using impactful verbs should be in our DNA — informing, learning, socializing or collaborating  (not just people but knowledge, information, and content!).   Impact is far more important than providing help or assistance and is definitely critical when lobbying for resources or influencing decisions.  I heard Stephen talk yesterday about analytics — things like  customer satisfaction and tracking of what people are actually doing on your website — as a way to illustrate impact.  His organization, Cengage Learning,  has been doing some great research as they develop their products but they also share those research results and are creating programs to help others use their research to improve customer engagement.  They have created marketing materials, train-the-trainer initiatives, and workshops on resume writing and finding your dream job which they have taken to libraries and communities whose residents really need to find work or change careers.  Now that is having an impact, making a difference in people’s lives.  I’ll link to the research data as soon as Stephen post’s it!  Here are the slides.