The ink on Innisfil Public Library’s Strategic Plan was barely dry when they made great strides toward their Vision of “sparking ideas to ignite a creative and dynamic community.”  How? By launching, that’s right “launching” their Strategic Plan with a community party, complete with an Academy Award.  Yep, Oscar – the big, heavy gold guy.

Academy Award winner Colin Chilvers, renowned for his creative visual effects on movies such as Superman, Tommy and X-Men, applauded the Innisfil PL’s strategies: “I like helping people sell their ideas,” he said, “These people are trying to bring different things to the library, not just books. I’m happy to be here; not enough people support the library.”

Colin Chilvers, with his friend "Oscar" speaks at the Innisfil PL's Strategic Plan Launch

The Library’s strategies are to position the Library a hub for discovery and exploration, design and construct creative, collaborative space, develop a strong community presence, and cultivate a “hacker ethic,” and foster a culture of innovation. Their unveiling of the Plan touched on all of their strategies — bringing the community together in a fun Saturday evening, with live music, staff demonstrating their 3D printer and digital repository for community history, and Library alive with conversation, interest and laughter. A local business owner spoke of the recent “Let Us Surprise You” community contest in which the Library partnered with Hardie and Company, a local advertising and branding company, saying “I am continuously impressed with the initiatives of the Innisfil Public Library to unify our communities”.

We’ve always admired the innovative, contagious spirit of Innisfil PL, and this was yet another way in which this “little library system that could” continues to bring life to their services, innovation to the library and fun and creativity to the community. Check out their Library Stories highlighting events and programs as they seek to “continuously invoke curiousity, stimulate the imagination and encourage lifelong learning and literacy.” Woot!

Don’t you just love public libraries that step out and step up? Last week it was LiLi the mobile library, and this week a celebration of strategic planning.  Strategic plans SHOULD be celebrated, and not because the document is “finished” but because the path towards a designed, desirable future is clear and the journey is underway.