Kathy Dempsey, marketing maven of Libraries are Essential, and I are presenting at Computers in Libraries 2012 on ways to “Imagine and Dream Big About Your Library. Creating a vision is an action.  It is not sitting at tables wordsmithing a slogan.  It is about envisioning the future that you, the Board, staff, and senior management want the library to have; it is really no different than envisioning your home – your meal – your career – your life. Yes, things happen, and that’s no excuse not to envision or design your future. Kathy and I will discuss important and successful it is for libraries to get off their chairs, charge their imaginations, don their dreams and stand in the future they want their library — their communities — their campuses — their organizations — to experience.  Here’s my slides.  Oh – and here’s one of my favourite quotes about the importance of positive futures – and standing in that future.  Richard Seymour, one of the world’s foremost designers of seymourpowell says:

“We make the future; it doesn’t just happen. If you stand in the future and, then, draw the present towards you in a series of stepping stones, then, you’re liberated to a view of what’s going to happen that nobody else has got.”


“Designers cannot be, by definition, pessimists. It just doesn’t go with the job. We’re supposed to be defining the future, aren’t we? […] If we can’t see the world as a better place to live in, than what chance does anyone else have?”

Replace “designers” with “Librarians”, and you, too, will want to stand in that future.