Think Big, Start Small, Move Fast

The theme of Michael Edson’s keynote at Computers in Libraries 2012 last week was “think big, start small, move fast.”  Thanks to Information Today (CIL producers & publishers) and This Week in Libraries for their video coverage of all the keynotes and many presentations. I encourage you to grab a coffee or tea, and, if you work with co-workers, grab them too, and view some of these resources.  Erik Boekesteijn’s interview with Michael is below, so maybe you could start with this one. Pay particular attention to what he says and the implications for strategic and operational plans:

Think Big: dream, imagine and design the experiences you envision for your library, your organization, your clients, your staff, yourself
Start Small: identify the initiatives that will lead to the dream that are doable, that give you wins & successes to maintain the momentum so crucial to keep going
Move Fast: get to it, today. As Michael says, what cost thousands of dollars & personpower a few years ago can now be piloted for a few thousand within a matter of weeks. Do it. Now. What’s the worst that can happen? To Jane & I, the worst that can happen is that you don’t move fast, & someone else does, leaving you way behind.

Other gold nuggets Mike left us with to consider:
“The tangible value of the present moment needs to be exploited.”

“Every user is a hero on their own epic journey and it is our job to help them be great!”

(this quote is linked to the original source, Kathy Sierra, at “Passionate”)

and, my favourite:
“Innovation is an endurance sport.”

Computers in Libraries 2012: Michael Edson from Jaap van de Geer on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Think Big, Start Small, Move Fast

  1. Michael Edson

    Thank you for this kind post Rebecca! It’s very gratifying to see you spreading these ideas I care so much about.

    I’d like your readers to know that the idea of “every user is a hero on their own epic journey” is from the brilliant Kathy Sierra. The full quote is “I’m your user. I’m supposed to be the protagonist. I’m on a hero’s journey. Your company should be the mentor/helpful sidekick. Not an orc.” [Tweet, November 5, 2009]


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