Jeffrey Phillips at CIL 2012

The 27th annual Computers in Libraries is focusing on Creating Innovative Libraries.  Author Jeffrey Phillips talked about relentless innovation and the need to change from BAU (business as usual) to” innovation business as usual”.  He illustrated how we have been focusing on quality, efficiency, core competencies and being lean for the last 30 years and although they are good things, they have not been balanced with innovation as they were in the 1970’s.  To accomplish innovation business as usual with more emphasis on innovation in organizations he discussed the need for: communication & commitment (demonstrating with words and actions), compensation (if you want people to be innovative you have to reward them for doing so), and culture (creating attitudes, perspectives, and ways of working that sees innovation as important).  In addition, new skill sets have to be learned (focusing on customer needs, trend watching, managing innovation).  He left the audience with his Fab Four imperatives:  create clear innovation goals (& strategies) — he used P&G as an example; begin to define & sustain a process with language, methodologies, culture (understand how it works); rebalance with tools & skills; rework culture, incentives, rewards.  If you want more, check out his book, Relentless Innovation, and his blog.