During the past 3 years I’ve been incredibly fortunate to work on several projects with Jim Morgenstern of dmA Planning and Management Services.   D&J have always sought out the best associates to collaborate with on projects to bring different perspectives and experiences to clients’ unique opportunities and challenges.  We don’t know everything that’s for sure! And working with planners who have vast experience in municipal and recreational sectors has been very rewarding, both for us and certainly for libraries.

As a planner, Jim  has completed over 50 master plans, facility feasibility studies and operational reviews for public libraries in Ontario and Atlantic Canada. He is expert in all aspects of needs and market assessment; has redesigned service delivery models for urban and rural library systems; worked with architects on library building projects and conducted research for library organizations on planning guidelines and performance measures. He is the principal author of the recently released second edition of the SOLS Resource Manual, The Library’s Contribution to Your Community – which every library interested in demonstrating value should have.

Jim will be one of the speakers at the Leadership Renewal pre-conference Wednesday February 1st.  With that much planning experience, in that many organizations he’s seen it all.  He’ll work with participants to understand why plans fail, and, obviously, how to avoid failure.  People say “oh I hate planning! The plans never get implemented anyway.”  Well, as Jim will point out, it isn’t the planning that’s the problem — it’s the lack of clarity, honesty and perspective that’s the problem.  More on that tomorrow.


We are delighted that once again this year, D&J and dmA are sponsoring the Poster Sessions at OLA Superconference.  These wonderful poster sessions are the best kept – and best hidden – secret at the conference.  Get on the escalator at noon on Thursday February 2 and Friday February 3, and come to the Lower Lobby of the MTCC.  You will be absolutely amazed by 16 displays (different each day) of innovative ideas, services and programs underway in various libraries.  Come talk with the “poster people” about their projects, their research findings and their experiences. You won’t regret it — these are real — these are practical and will definitely expand your perspective and your conference experience.