Comfort & Joy: Yoga and Make-Your-Own-Sundaes During Christmas Exams

Robin Bergart, Jim Brett, Sophia Apostol, Robin Sakowski, Randy Oldham, and Doug Horne

University of Guelph Library

The University of Guelph Library piloted a program last December to help students relieve their stress during the final exam period. We teamed up with the university’s Athletics Centre, Wellness Program, and Students’ Association to offer yoga and relaxation classes, healthy snacks, and a sundae bar! This poster documents the reception by the students. Did they welcome it or find it disruptive? Did it help their studies or distract them instead? What were the most popular activities? How would we do it differently next time?


Talk with U of Guelph – with many other library staff  – about their programs and projects on February 2nd & 3rd in the Lower Lobby of the Convention Centre at OLA’s Superconference  at the Poster Sessions, 12:00 Noon – 2:00 p.m.

Here’s the full program of OLA Poster Sessions — it’s not published anywhere else!