Michael Edson, Director of Web & New Media Strategy at the Smithsonian Institution,  has interesting insights & is always researching and learning from others.  Innovation is a topic he has researched and he’s going to share practical nuggets with the audience of Computers in LIbraries 2012.  Here’s a sneak peek at what he’ll be talking aboug:

Creating Inspiring Services
Edson begins by talking about what it means to be “innovative”: how to recognize it, how to make it happen more, and how to prevent the opposite from happening.  Using his past five years of experience moving a respected cultural institution into the 21st century, Edson shares his lesson learned, creative strategies, tips and more.  He understands how to engage his community, how to create and support an innovative culture, how design exciting new services and to put that knowledge into practice.  Filled with lots of examples, he inspire us to create innovative services for our communities.

Another indication that Edson knows how to engage his community?  He’s also researching organizations that get more than one million hours per year of volunteer effort through their websites.   Hope he shares what he learns with the audience of Computers in Libraries 2012.