Imagining an Engaging Place

Google's Gumby DoodleNothing like a Gumby to stimulate your imagination. Thanks Google for this doodle!  Twist Gumby this way and that, just as you can twist your thoughts this way and that to create something new and different, innovative, exciting.  We encourage imaginative thinking with clients and groups as we work with them to envision a future for themselves and their organizations.  We recently worked with a wonderful group of teens to imagine a space that would engage them.  It came with the usual: comfortable, internet teen lounge with free wifi where you can bring your own computer or use the library’s, do homework or just hang, play video games or board games.  But that space also embraced having experts to enhance their learning of photography, writing, art, cooking and sewing!   Their vision definitely engaged us.  Ask someone today today to imagine a great space, a great job, a great working environment that would engage them — you may be surprised by what creative visions they create!

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