Are you ready?  Hamilton Public Library Chief Librarian Ken Roberts and I talked about ebooks a few weeks ago for an Education Institute “Conversations with Leaders” series.   We talked about was the huge increase in ebook circulation over that last 18 months and how there was a real spike after Christmas last year.  A recent Toronto Star article emphasized the same situation with ebooks in the Toronto Public Library.

So have you made your plans for supporting the even greater tsunami of ebook seekers following holiday gift giving of electronic goodies?  If you thought it was ebook crazy last year, this year will be even multiplied at least ten fold.  Suggestion: make it really clear on the front page of your website how to deal with ebooks — how to download to particular devices (step by step), how to find ebooks in your collection, tips, FAQs, etc.  Be prepared so your customers don’t get frustrated and bypass your library.

Retailers have Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  I think libraries should have a catchy name for the ebook extravaganza following electronic holiday giving  — Ebook Xday, or maybe just Ebookday.  Got some other suggestions?