I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since we’ve posted on our site — too many conferences and work with clients.  All wonderful and very stimulating.  We’ve been brimming with things to say but no time to put them into words, so hopefully this is the beginning of many new posts to come!

We’ve talked a lot about thinking critically and strategically as well as creativity.  Today Don Tapscott pointed me to an interesting article on creative thinking, an excerpt published by Fast Company from a book, Bob Gill, so far.  As author, artist & graphic designer Bob Gill says, “Interesting solutions begin with interesting problems. So reframe the problem.”  Rebecca and I have been working with clients on “reframing” their perspectives and challenges, so I’m looking forward to reading more in Gill’s book.

I was also inspired recently by some creative ideas from KM evangelist Bob Buckman who spoke at KMWorld 2011. He said to me, it’s necessary to move “an organization to a decision making process that is faster than the competition. Speed of Innovation is the key to competitive advantage. Being able to innovate around the needs of the customer is great, but if your competition does it faster than you, then you still loose.”   I’m planning to use some of this words as a theme for KMWorld 2012: Knowledge Sharing & Learning: Communication, Collaboration & Innovation.  The call for speakers will be up at the beginning of January and from all the buzz following KMWorld 2011 I know we will have lots of fabulous content in our event next fall, Oct 16-19 in DC.

In fact, I think 2012 will be the year of innovation for me and hopefully for lots of others.  In addition to KMWorld 2012 including “innovation” in the theme, Computers in Libraries 2012 has the theme, “Creating Innovative Libraries” and has a wonderful line up of terrific speakers.  The full program will be online shortly.  And I’m working on the theme for Internet Librarian 2012, Oct 22-24 in Monterey CA — so how should I include “innovation” in it’s theme?  Internet Innovation for Creative Library Services?  Inspiring Innovation with Internet Intricacies?  Connecting & Collaborating with Internet Innovations?     Internet & Innovation: Driving Success?  Imagining our Future: Innovation & the Internet?  Ideas welcome!